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I need help finding a productUpdated a year ago

Need help finding the right product for you?

You've reached the right place 😀  our Natural Health Experts have created questionnaires to help you find the products that may suit your unique self best. 

Sleep Support

Energy Support

Gut Health Support

Healthy Glow Support

Daily Essentials

Want to shop by what's important to you? You're in the right place!

In each of our product listings pages, you will find our 'Shop Your Way' filters - allowing you to filter the product selection based on your:

- Product form

- Dietary needs

- Ingredients you want to avoid

- Suitable for Mums, Babies, Kids, or our furry friends

- Environmental and Social Standards

- Certifications and Quality Standards

How can I shop by my health and wellness goals?

You may find our Health Concerns section of the site of help when searching for products by health goals.

Can you add products to your range you don’t yet stock?  

With 5,000+ products across many wellness categories we’re likely to have a great solution for any of your health and eco-living needs. 

We are constantly looking at new mindful brands to partner up with, and continue creating a holistic solution for all of our customers wellness needs. 

Each one of our brand partners has been investigated by our Natural Health Experts through our 5-step ETHICS check. Read more about our Responsible sourcing here  

I want you to add to your range a product I am interested in? 

If the product you are looking at is by one of our brand partners, we’re most likely already coordinating for it to be added to our stock. You will be able to find it in our ‘New to store’ section soon. 

 We’re currently not able to add products to our range that are by brands we’ve not yet partnered up with. 

If you require your product urgently, you might be best to source it elsewhere. 

How do I know if a product safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding

Our Pregnancy and Breastfeeding catalogues offer many safe and healthy solutions for your and your baby's wellness. You can find these in our 'Family' product range

You can filter any product list on our website for 'Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Friendly' or 'Baby Friendly' products, by finding these filters in the 'Suitable For' filter group. This is located above any product search and catalogue on our site.

Consulting your midwide is always recomended.

If in doubt - our team is here to help - send us a message 😄 

Not found the right product for you? Our friendly customer care team are here to help

Discover 5000+ natural health and wellness products at our online store.  

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