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Information about product recallsUpdated a year ago

Why has a product been recalled?  

Very rarely, our brand suppliers may require products to be recalled due to possible concerns, or for further investigation.  


How do I know if my product has been recalled? 

Recalls are always related to specific batches of products.  

 If you’ve purchased a product from a batch requiring a recall or to be disposed of that we’re aware of, we’ll update you by having information about affected batches on this page.  

At times, suppliers require products to be safely disposed of rather than recalled. 

Suppliers of food products in New Zealand work with NZ's Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and comply with all New Zealand regulations. Learn more about MPI’s regulations

What to do if your product has been recalled? 

We’ll contact you advising what to do. If you need to dispose of the product (rather than return it) please follow these steps:  

  • Take a photograph of the product as it is disposed of, showing the batch number printed on it 
  • Dispose of the product's content in the rubbish 
  • Dispose of the packaging responsibly  

We will provide you with either a refund or suitable replacement to meet your preference and our stock availability.  

If the supplier has requested we return this product, we’ll organise this for you and cover the costs. 

We will inspect our warehouse to make sure any recalled stock is swiftly returned to the supplier, and is no longer sold. 


What’s the difference between product recalls and product withdrawals? 

Product withdrawal require products from effected batches to no longer be sold, and all unsold stock to be returned to the supplier. Product recalls also require any sold product to be sent back to the supplier or disposed of.  

 Suppliers follow MPI’s regulations. If the potential concern of a product is low, suppliers will request products to be withdrawn, rather than recalled.   

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