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I've Received a Faulty ProductUpdated a year ago

I've received a faulty product. What should I do?

There is no need to return your product if you have received it in a faulty condition (for example, the inner seal is detached; one of the capsules has burst; the pump doesn't work etc). Please let us know and we will happily replace or refund you for the faulty product.

Even the best manufacturing facilities in the world can sometimes have issues, at HealthPost we guarantee that we will see you right.

Simpy contact us with your details, order number and your products batch and expiry date details, and let us know if you prefer a replacement or a refund.

My product's taste, smell, color, or consistency is different from the last time I used it, is it faulty?

Many of our products are made with ingredients that have been through minimal processing, to retain their natural benefits. With natural ingredients that go through little processing, we can expect to see changes between batches, due to seasonal or other fluctuations, which could include changes to consistency, taste, color or smell.

While this batch variance shouldn't impact your ability to enjoy the benefits of your product, we understand that sometimes this means this product just isn't right for you.

Your HealthPost team is here to help, please contact us at [email protected], to let us know about your experience, and please include your order number along with the products batch and expiry date details.

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