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Product Shelf Life and Use-By InformationUpdated a year ago

What is your products' shelf life? 

 As part of our Ethical by Nature Promise, our team at HealthPost is committed to sourcing products with excellent expiry dates to ensure our customers can enjoy the natural benefits of their healthy goods. 

Our stock turnover is designed to ensure our customers can enjoy their products when purchasing repeatedly. When purchasing in bulk large number of units of the same product, we may not be able to guarantee all units are able to be used within their use-by date. We recommend to avoid bulk-ordering. 

Products with shelf life of less than 3 months, and Food and Drinks products with shelf life of less than 1 month will be clearly denoted on their website product page. 

In the unlikely event that you’ve received a product with a shorter shelf-life than you’re able to use, get in touch with the team that will resolve this for you. 

What Does the 'Period After Opening' Icon Mean?

The period after opening icon (or PAO) is found on skincare products and holds the purpose of identifying the lifetime of product after the packaging has been opened.

It means that even if a product has an expiry date of 2 years, once the product has been opened it needs to used within the time displayed on the icon.

Above is an example of this icon, with 6M standing for six months. This means after opening, the product should be used within that six months, with any remaining product after this period discarded.

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