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Mindful Brands Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Mindful Brands?

Thanks for asking. Making conscious choices are more important than ever, and it’s our shared responsibility to care for our people and planet. We believe our choices create change, starting with the brands we choose to back. Our community are a mindful bunch, so we’ve gathered our most Mindful Brands to make it easier to purchase with purpose every time. With Mindful Brands, you can celebrate the values you care about, and contribute towards meaningful change.

How do you identify which brands are mindful?

We care deeply about social and environmental change. This informs every part of how we do business, including the brands we choose to back. Our Product Research team, who are leaders in New Zealand’s inaugural Sustainable Procurement Group, review, scrutinise, and ask the hard questions to understand what brands are doing within the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Transparent, and Eco Packaging. We’re always looking out for brands that reflect our values so we can share and celebrate these with you.

Our Mindful Brands must meet one or more of our values. Every brand does business differently, so we’ve introduced a number of ways to celebrate their commitment. Get to know our values here.

How will I know if I’m shopping from one of your Mindful Brands?

If a product or brand meets one or more of our values, you’ll see “Mindful Brand” highlighted on its brand and product page.

What about your other brands, are they not mindful?

Like you, we want the option to shop by what we care about most. Rest assured, our full range guarantees high ethical, ingredient, and environmental product standards. So you can shop with confidence knowing that every choice is a conscious one. What makes our Mindful Brands special is their outstanding commitment to our values. We’re chuffed with the brands here, and think you’ll love them too.

Transparency is tricky - how do you measure it?

You’re right. Transparency is no simple feat, but we’re not one to shy away from a challenge. To meet our Transparent value brands must disclose the often difficult to discover details. That includes where their products are made, what they contain, or where their ingredients are sourced. They’ve put in the legwork so you can understand the ins and outs.

What about vegan, palm oil free, locally made products, and my other preferences? Can I shop by what matters to me?

We hear you - you’re one of a kind and should be able to Shop Your Way. Whether you have dietary needs, are making a lifestyle change, or you want to browse by your values, we have over 40 options so you can shop by what’s important to you. You can Shop Your Way here.

I know a brand who meets your values and would be a good fit for your collection - how can they join?

Awesome. We love meeting mindful brands who share our values. Please encourage them to contact us and tell us why they want to get involved and how they meet our values.  

Have another question? Our friendly customer care team are here to help

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