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How to Purchase a HealthPost e-Gift CardUpdated a year ago

How to purchase and send a HealthPost e-Gift Card?

Looking for a gift but don’t know where to start? Our e-Gift Cards are a thoughtful, convenient option that you can feel good about giving.  

How do I purchase an e-Gift Card?  
  • Visit our e-Gift Card pageon our website.
  • Select or enter the amount you’d like to spend (between $20-$500 NZD)  
  • Enter the required information – including your name and email address so your recipient knows who the Gift Card is from 
  • If you’d like to send the Gift Card on a particular date (or you’d like to print and present the Gift Card in-person) please enter your personal email address as the ‘Recipient Email’ and the email will be sent to you to gift whenever you like 
  •  Add your optional personalised message 
  • Add the gift card to your cart and proceed to checkout
  • Please note: Our gift cards are only valid for 365 days from the day they are sent  


Can I purchase an e-Gift Card, as well as other products in one single order?  

Yes, simply add your e-Gift Card to your cart, in addition to your product/s of choice, and proceed to checkout to place your order.  


Can I purchase more than one e-Gift Card in a single order?  

Yes, once you've added the first Gift Card to your cart, return to the e-Gift card page, and add in the details for the next Gift Card. 


What information do I need to provide to purchase an e-Gift Card?  
  • Your name  
  • Your email address 
  • Recipient’s name  
  • Recipient’s email address – or yours if you’d like the gift card to be emailed to you  
  • The Gift Card value  
  • A personalised message 

What does HealthPost do with this information?  

We’ll email the recipient (or yourself) the Gift Card, along with the information provided, and their unique Gift Card code. 


Can I pay for a gift card using my Rewards?  

Yes, whether it includes an e-Gift Card, product/s, or a combination of the two, any available Rewards balance will automatically apply at checkout. You can also earn new Rewards when you purchase a Gift Card too. 

What payment methods can I use to purchase a gift card?  

All the payment methods available at the Checkout page can be used when purchasing an e-Gift card/

Can I pay for an e-Gift Card using another HealthPost e-Gift Card?  

No, HealthPost e-Gift Cards can only be used across our product range on  


Can I use a promo code when purchasing an e-Gift Card?  

No - promo codes cannot be used when purchasing e-Gift Cards. 

If you have additional products in your cart that can be used with a promo code, please purchase them through a separate order.  


Do I need to pay a delivery fee if I purchase an e-Gift Card?  

So long as the e-Gift Card is the only product in your cart, we won’t add a delivery fee to your order as this is sent digitally.     

If you do add products to your cart, remember it's free delivery to NZ addresses for orders over $59 NZD, and free delivery to Australian addresses on orders over $79 NZD.  


Can I choose themed e-Gift Cards?  

Unfortunately, this option isn’t currently available…but watch this space.    

I am unable to find the e-Gift card page, what can I do?

You can click on this link that will direct you to our e-Gift card page.

If you are still unable to see it, you may need to change your display currency to NZD, it may be defaulting to your local currency which is preventing you from seeing the e-Gift Card page.

Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the current selection at the top right corner of our website, and select NZD.

Want to learn more about how to redeem cards and check their balance? See our 'Paying with e-Gift Card' guide.


Have another question? Our friendly customer care team are here to help. Get in touch.   

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