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I can't login to my account - How do I reset my password?

If you've typed your email address and password, and you are seeing an error message telling you that "Your email and password don't match" - that means the password you are trying to enter is no longer correct. Simply click 'Forgot password' to rese

Tips when resetting your password

It may take a few minutes to receive this. Please check your junk or spam folder. Make sure that you’ve entered your email address correctly without any typos. This may be a result of your browser entering your old password, that is saved in its memo

How do I use the checkout page?

Simply add your desired products to your shopping cart and hit the cart icon at the top right corner of the screen. Select to 'Checkout Securely'. This will take you to our secure checkout where you can sign-in to your account to check that all of yo

How to sign in at the checkout

You can easily sign in at the checkout on our website. Follow these steps once you're ready to checkout:. The password you have typed may have a typo, or the one saved by your browser isn't your most recent password. If you aren't sure what your pass

Calculating Your Delivery Fee

You can easily estimate your order’s total and the cost of its delivery on our website. *Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to be aware of all of the regulations specific to any given country, and products you’re able to purchase may not be allo

Delivery messages at the shopping cart and checkout

Aconite - restricted from European Union, Japan & Brazil. African Tree Bark And Fruit - restricted from European Union & Brazil. Aloe Vera - restricted from European Union, Japan & Brazil. AnemarrhenaÊRhizome - restricted from Japan. Arnica Flower -

Information on Promo Codes

Yes, from time to time we offer special promo codes that offer a discount on an order or something extra like a free gift with your purchase. We also have a standing 5% discount on orders over $500, when you apply the following code at the checkout:

How to Purchase a HealthPost e-Gift Card

Looking for a gift but don’t know where to start? Our e-Gift Cards are a thoughtful, convenient option that you can feel good about giving. Yes, simply add your e-Gift Card to your cart, in addition to your product/s of choice, and proceed to checkou

How to add, change items and quantities in the Shopping Cart

Alternatively, when you're finished shopping you can get to your shopping cart by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top right corner, and selecting the 'View Cart' button. Here you'll see all your products in a list. These will have quantities b

How can I be notified when a product is back in stock?

Easily! Simply subscribe to be notified using the "Notify Me" field on the product page. Alternatively, you may find that we have similar products from other brands available for you today. You can find similar products under the 'Related Categories'

Browser Notifications

Browser notifications are messages sent from a browser which will be displayed on your screen. Notifications are sent to users who give us consent to receive the messages from us. We can only send notifications to users using Chrome and Firefox on de

Manage my advertising preferences

We track your browsing activity on our website, in order to provide you individualised advertising as you browse other sites across the internet, that display advertisements, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. Google Ads preferences. To manage

How to Shop Your Way

You’re one of a kind. We all have preferences, and now you can shop by yours. Whether you have dietary needs, are making a lifestyle change, or you want to browse by your values, we have over 40 options so you can shop by what’s important to you. You

How can I reorder my favorites?

You can simply and easily re-order any of your previous purchases by doing the following steps:. Have another question? Our friendly customer care team are here to help. Discover 5000+ natural health and wellness products at our online store.

Why are items missing from my cart?

If you previously added products to your cart but did not purchase these items, we'll save these in your cart for next time and send you an email for when you may be ready to make your purchase. However, it's important to note these items in your car

How Can I Compare Products?

Our great product compare feature allows you to add products to your Compare List, and compare the size, price, description, customer rating, and more useful information. Please note that you must be signed into your account to use this function. Onc

How to Create a New Wishlist

Creating a new Wishlist is so easy and a great way to keep track of products you would like to refer back to, save for another day or even share with family and friends!. You can add as many as 50 products to each of your wish lists. And that's it -

How do I find out the Ingredients in a Product?

Product ingredients can be found on the relevant product page. Simply select the 'Ingredients' tab to see the active ingredients. We endeavor to include as much information as we can, at the very least matching all ingredients provided on the product

Supported Browsers

While we make every effort to enable our websites to work with the widest range of browsers, operating systems and devices possible, they are designed to work best with the following browsers and operating systems below. Due to the continually changi

China Shopping Guide

HealthPost为能成为新西兰最受欢迎的在线天然保健品和护肤美妆网站感到自豪。我们从2000年开始为中国消费者提供直邮商品的服务。从微小的规模开始,HealthPost一直以帮助大家每天拥有自然健康的生活为已任。我们注重商品质量,推崇诚信和坚持可持续发展的经商理念,致力于为人和地球安乐创造持久正面影响。. HealthPost网站拥有包括保健品,超级食物和美妆护肤类等超过5000种产品。全部商品经过我们严格的产品安全成分承诺筛选,保证产品不含有害的化学物质,不对环境造成污染,不使用动物做测试

Do you offer guest checkout?

Apologies that we're unable to offer guest checkout options. By creating a HealthPost account we give-you back HealthPost rewards! For every $20 spent, you earn $1 to use on your next order. HealthPost rewards expire with 180 days of your last order.

How to delete browsing data / clear my cache'?

Deleting your browsing data, or clearing your cache' can improve your shopping experience or overcome browsing issues. Below are instructions on how to clear your cache on different devices:. 1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. 2. Scroll d

How to display prices in my currency?

Our online shop transacts in New Zealand dollars only. This means that regardless of the currency displayed on your screen, you will be charged in NZ Dollars, and your bank may charge you currency exchange fees. Simply select an available currency fr

Information about our promotions and offers

3for2 promotion works by discounting the lowest value qualifying product in your cart. Please make sure you add 3 items to your cart, for the discount to appear. They all need to be from the same brand, excluding mini-sized products. In free gifts of